No matter what the individual taste might be, size is associated with value. If something is small, it better be a diamond. And it is not because people are insensitive. In a big space big objects compete for our attention. If the party is outside - these are houses, trees, even clouds. If it is inside - these are chandeliers on the ceiling, tables, stage, DJ equipment and so on. One can decorate the place with small amazing flower arrangements (take it from a former florist!), but in order to make in impact, you need loads of them! So, to be noticed, the object must be big. Balloon decorations are THE BEST material for that. Mainly because they are light, designer can create something huge. The creation does not need a lot of support or may even be suspended from the ceiling.  

What can it be?  The answer depends on the event.  Here are a few examples:

 One of our first jobs was a fundraising.  The theme was "It is a jungle out there!"  We were part of the NACE team that put the event together.  So we created a 25' giraffe and 15' high palm tree.  

Approximately 17 years   ago we have decorated ADL gathering in Philadelphia.  The theme was Touche of Freedom, so we have made statue of Liberty - floor to the ceiling, 18' - and American flag 10' wide, 20' long. 

 Four families were putting aside some money every week for over 10 years to celebrate year 2000 New Year Eve.  They have rented the the city library, the hall with the ceiling 60 tall and ordered a sculpture of fireworks.

Bar and Bat Mitzvah party for brother and sister - we have created a green monster with six hands to hold one item that would represent a hobby in each.

The list is endless, literally.  We do believe in this approach, so we have done it quite a few times since 1990.  What can we do for you?

  • Balloon Sculpture of  Menorah 20'  tall

Balloon Sculpture of Menorah 20' tall