• Fountain with Lighting Column
  • Five Decreasing Arches - Front
  • Rainbow Balloon Arch
  • Balloon Arch with Dolphins
  • Hello Kitty  Balloon Arch
  • Wedding Trade Show Entrance
  • Dome  and Name Arch
  • Name Balloon Arch with Backdrop
  • Top of the ceiling arch
  • Dome Structure and Centerpieces
  • Trade Show Entrance Triple Arch
  • Gold and Black Arch and Columns
  • Blue and Silver Balloon Fountain
  •  "40' with Balloon Arch
  • Underwater Arch with Seahorses
  • Five Decreasing Arches - Side

One of two the most useful balloon decorations - balloon fountain!  Why is it so useful?  It changes the visual perception of the room completely.  It can make the small room larger (this type of the balloon fountain) or large room smaller and cosier.  Also, it is the complete decoration, in the sense that if you do not have time or resources to do anything else, the room is already dressed up.  Highly recommended! 

Boston MA               Kids party.

Blue and Silver Balloon Fountain