• ‚Äč20' tall Orange Dinosaurs
  • 10`Glasses, Party at Mac Gill
  • 8' Hot Air Balloon
  • Balloon Sculpture of Pyramid
  • "JOSH" in 10' Letters
  • Tennis Record Balloon Sculpture
  • 20' by 20' Balloon  Heart
  • Gigantic Mask Balloon Sculpture
  • Balloon sculpture of compass

Huge Mardi Gras mask, 12' wide, 7' tall suspended from the ceiling, part of a big decoration project for a New Year party in Cyclorama.  The whole project consisted of two more balloon sculptures of masks in  different colors and three silver star balls (one can be seen on the background on the picture).  With the incredible lighting for the night, it was quite a seen!

Boston MA     Corporate events

Gigantic Mask Balloon Sculpture