• Palm Trees Balloon Sculptures
  • Dome Structure and Centerpieces
  • "JOSH" in 10' Letters
  • Musical Balloon Columns
  • Balloon Sculpture of Saxaphone
  • Sun Balloon Structure
  • Star Fish Balloon Sculpture
  • Name Arch and Sculpture of Dice
  • Bat Mitzvah Centerpieces
  • JAZZ Bar and Bat Mitzvah
  • Zebra Flower Tall Centerpieces
  • Dome  and Name Arch
  • Name Balloon Arch with Backdrop
  • Abstract Balloon Sculpture
  • Ceiling Balloon Decor
  • Centerpiece, column and ceiling
  •  "Citco" Sign Balloon Wall
  • 20' Star of David blinking lights
  • Small Octopus Balloon
  • Rainbow Balloon Arch
  • Balloon Centerpiece For Martian Party
  • Ceiling Decoration for the Music Theme
  • Ribbon Magen David on the Ceiling
  • Star Ceiling Balloon Decoration
  • Shooting Stars of David

Bat Mitzvah party in a big room with a very high ceiling.    So we did a huge (almost 20' high!) Star of David to bring the theme out.  To push it even further, we almost cover the front surface of the balloon sculpture with blinking lights.  You can see the video (the link will come soon) where every balloon on the sculpture is blinking on its own.  I have to admit (even I do not want to!) that balloons with light is a lot more than balloons!

Boston MA     Bar Mitzvah

20' Star of David blinking lights