• 10' Stork Balloon Sculpture
  • Silver Star Balls
  •  30'  Blue Dragon Saphira
  •  "Snow Queen" Play Decor
  • Blue Caterpillar Balloon Sculpture
  • Big Clown for Baby Sower
  • Balloon Sculpture of Saxaphone
  • Fountain with Lighting Column
  • Balloon Sculpture Of Big Elmo
  • Abstract Balloon Sculpture
  • Top of the ceiling arch
  • 20' Star of David blinking lights
  • Sysco Foods Logo Balloon Sculpture
  • Balloon Sculpture   Jack in the Box
  • Balloon Sculpture of  Menorah 20'  tall
  • "Dried" Balloon Centerpiece
  • Octopus Balloon Sculpture
  • Balloon Display For Parade Float
  • Big Glasses Sculpture
  • Balloon Sculpture of Logo
  • Black House
  • Wedding explosive balloon pict 1
  • Balloon Toys for Martian Party
  • Balloons sculpture of a hot air balloon
  • Three-story-high Balloon Sculpture of DNA molecule
  • Shooting Star Entrance to Stadium
  • bicycle

Not just a wedding decoration - special effect as well! How do you make the first dance memorable? For the new couple and for the guests? One way to achieve it is to have an explosive balloon right above the dance floor. Usually it is attached directly to the ceiling, if the ceiling is not reachable, we can build a beautiful balloon columnto support it. The explosive balloon is filled with small balloons of the wedding colors. Then, during the dance ... (please see the wedding explosive balloon pict 2)

Montreal QC     Wedding decorations

Wedding explosive balloon pict 1