• 10' Stork Balloon Sculpture
  •  Baby Shower Ceiling Decoration
  • 8' Hot Air Balloon
  • Balloon Sculpture of Pyramid
  • Balloon Column Alley
  • Balloon Sculpture of Marine
  • Palm Trees Balloon Sculptures
  • Big Clown for Baby Sower
  • New Year's Eve Decorations
  • Dome  and Name Arch
  • Abstract Balloon Sculpture
  • Top of the ceiling arch
  • Dome Structure and Centerpieces
  • Ceiling Balloon Decor
  •  "Citco" Sign Balloon Wall
  • Bat Mitzvah Centerpieces
  • Sysco Foods Logo Balloon Sculpture
  • Balloon Display For Parade Float
  • Gigantic Mask Balloon Sculpture
  • Wedding Dome Balloon Sculpture
  • Blue and Silver Balloon Fountain
  • Minnie Mouse Balloon Sculptures
  • Travel party, general theme
  • Balloons sculpture of a hot air balloon
  • Balloon sculpture of compass
  • Double Tree Hotel Logo
  • American Flag Balloon Wall
  • Balloon Wall - Welcome
  • Three-story-high Balloon Sculpture of DNA molecule
  • Shooting Star of David for Bar Mitzvah Trade Show
  • Balloon Wall - Logo
  • regular and reversed columns
  • bicycle

Bat Mitzvah balloon decorations.  The ceiling is very high even for this relatively large room.  So, to utilize the space and to bring the theme colors on the colorless ceiling, we have designed the dome - room shaping sculpture.  The wonderful thing about all room shaping sculptures is this: if you have no more budget - it is OK, the party  is decorated!  If you have a balloon arch at the door or above the cake table, 3 balloons on each table or columns on the dance floor - it is not true!  You have to balance it somehow and to bring the room together.  This structure does it by definition!

The name arch is finishing up the composition.

Boston MA                         Bar Mitzvah 

Dome and Name Arch