• Fountain with Lighting Column
  •  "10" and Balloon Wall
  • Giraffe Balloon Sculpture
  • Five Decreasing Arches - Front
  • Centerpiece, column and ceiling
  • Octopus Balloon Sculpture
  • Big Jungle Party
  • Underwater Arch with Seahorses
  • Five Decreasing Arches - Side
  • Casino Night Declaration
  • Manhattan law firm logo on balloon wall
  • Lit Balloon Wall

Corporate party in at the working place. The Law company SA&M was celebrating 10 years in the office. It was a challenge to decorate office space with low ceilings, cubicles and small offices. At the entrance we have done the 10' "10" and balloon wall with the logo, as you can see. This is an entrance to the company.

New York NY Corporate events

Manhattan law firm logo on balloon wall