•  30'  Blue Dragon Saphira
  • ‚Äč20' tall Orange Dinosaurs
  • Balloon Sculpture of Saxaphone
  • Balloon Sculpture of Anchor
  • "JOSH" in 10' Letters
  • 20' Star of David blinking lights
  • JAZZ Bar and Bat Mitzvah
  • Balloon Sculpture   Jack in the Box
  • Balloon Sculpture of  Menorah 20'  tall
  • Tennis Record Balloon Sculpture
  • Big Glasses Sculpture
  • Balloon Sculpture of Logo
  • Trade show balloon wall with logo
  • Shooting Star Entrance to Stadium
  • American Flag for the 4th of July 2016

Floor to the ceiling balloon sculpture of a Saxaphone, for a joint Bar Mitzvah.  She is a jazz dancer, he is a saxaphone player.  And, since it was a low light party, we have stuffed the sculpture with LED balloon lights, setting them to blinking.  Videos of the sculpture live and blinking as well as the testimonials from my dear customers are coming!

Balloon Sculpture of Saxaphone