Baby shower and first birthday party decorations.  

How it is different from any other birthday party or any party at all?  It is all around a new life.  So the begging and the end of any theme is in the symbols of newborn.  The very first thing that comes to mind is a pacifier.  Even by itself it can be a theme and fill the party whole very nicely.  But this is not the only one!  For example, a milk bottle with nipple, is also immediately recognizable as a baby decoration.  Then we can use readily available mylar shape balloons for bouquets or go in the direction of big sculptures.  

The sculpture of a stork would be one good example - instant theme recognition (which is the most important  result for a decorator) and a great attention getter.  A big sculpture of a bassinet or a строллер, a toy doll, but made floor to the ceiling - all of it will set the right mood for the party.  

One of our regular clients (a big family with a lot of kids) use different themes that become baby theme as soon as we add the pacifiers and so on.  One of the best jobs we have done for them was the baby shower with the theme "Circus".

The main item was the clown.  14' high baby type, so it sets the mood for the party right as a guest walks in.  Then a lot of small pacifiers and balloon bouquets with baby color.  To move on with the circus theme, we stretched a fishing line and create ropewalkers.  These are helium - filled human figures, so they are naturally above "the rope", but looks very sophisticated. 

It a sense, the top item for the party was the ceiling in the dining room.  First of a kind.  Corall and ribbons we have been using for a while, but air filled mylar balloons, lifted by latex to create illusion of a heavy fabric hanging from the ceiling - this is new.

First birthday party is the same way: almost any theme can be adopted to a baby.  The difference is that even a one year old baby can display some likes towards some toys or cartoon characters.  If that is the case, we are safe home: the character or  the toy can be done nice and big, and the whole theme is determined.   

So give us a call, let us see what is your theme!

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Hello Kitty Balloon Arch