There are many ways to dress up a room for a special event, be it a birthday party in a restaurant or a trade show in a huge convention center. One of the goals of decoration is to create a special atmosphere of a holiday, something out of the ordinary.. Out of the ordinary... This is the key point!

Big balloon sculptures do the job. Yes, you can achieve the effect in many other ways, what makes balloon sculptures so different?

First of all, it is the boundless universe of possibilities. Unlimited flexibility of the material make it very easy. Practically anything can be done, any theme can be enhanced. From smiling dinosaurs of almost natural size for the first day of classes in a schoolyard to a figure of a marine for the welcome back party. From Jack in the box to 3D logo of a corporation.  

Having the object that big in the room is the feast to eyes.  It was noticed more than once that most people face the sculpture most of the time, probably without even noticing it.  So the new focal point can be created and themed to the event.

  • Balloon Sculpture of Marine
  • Balloon Sculpture   Jack in the Box
  • Sysco Foods Logo Balloon Sculpture

Balloon Sculpture of Marine