And the main one: uniqueness. 

Our first big balloon sculpture (the 25`giraffe) was made in 1993.  In the balloon decorating industry big sculptures are known for a while.  But over the years we have shown our portfolio to very many people.  Only one person saw this type of creations in some shape or form.  This gentleman used to be an event planner for White House in Washington DC.  Everybody else looked at big balloons sculptures with their eyes wide open -  they did not know about very existence of the art.

Yes, this is not "just balloons", it takes a lot more training and knowledge, but the time we have invested in obtaining all of that is the best business investment we have made to date.  The freedom to create almost anything is amazing!  

We can not do anything.  The first thing we make sure about is that the balloons sculpture is recognizable.  If someone looks at it and has to spend at least a second thinking "what is it?" - that is purely done sculpture.   For example, Museum of Marine Life asked for a huge sea worm.  It is very easy to create, but who will ever guess what it is?

But, if the concept is wright and works well with the theme of the party, success is unavoidable.  A lot of times, even for us, this is the first time we see the creature!  Never mind guests!

Now the party is unique. The host is the person who did it. He spend time and energy to get this amazing creation for his guests.  He or she is the one who has it!   WOW!

  • Three-story-high Balloon Sculpture of DNA molecule

Three-story-high Balloon Sculpture of DNA molecule