99% of my clients make sure that they inform me of the fact that they are on budget, some big, some small, but there is ALWAYS some kind of a limit. First, I was joking that I have to publish the name of the client in the book of Geneses- the only one on budget in the world! The joke is funny only the first 100 times... 

So, being constrained by budget, we still have to create the WOW! effect.  That can be achieved using many kind of materials, but balloons are probably the least expensive one. It does not make our work very cheap - the main expense is not the material, but it is definitely less expensive than any other type of decorations.

Let us look at this example: a huge banquet facility had a reception on Valentine day.  Huge room, over 100 tables.  Anything times 100 (if we would dress up the room with some kind of centerpieces) is a lot of money, way more than the budget for the job, but the room must be dressed!   

With big sculptures at our command, the solution came naturally and easily : we have created two floor to the ceiling (14') red hearts, one on each side of the stage.  Results:  1.  We have made it on budget!!!     2.  Even people sitting in the furthest table felt that they are close to the stage.  3.  It looked great!

That makes the benefit of the big balloon sculptures obvious - you do not need a lot of them to get to the WOW! effect.  And one or two of them, as expensive as it can be be, take less budget on one hand and amaze the guests of the event on the other. 

  • Octopus Balloon Sculpture
  • Tennis Record Balloon Sculpture
  • Palm Trees Balloon Sculptures

Octopus Balloon Sculpture