What makes a birthday party Birthday Party?

Well, a few things.  Music, festive food, birthday cake, but more than anything else - decorations.  Balloon decorations, flowers, lighting, special effects - that is what makes just a party - Birthday Party.  

As usual, the larger is the object you decorate with - the better.  That is why balloon decorations are the best - nothing comparable for the money!  Yes, balloon decorations with light is 10 times more than just balloon decorations, flowers are irreplaceable, but!  Unless you have UNLIMITED budget, balloon decorations are the champion.  Take it from a former flower shop owner!

So, where balloon decorations would make the difference for the party decoration?  

First, there are several specific places: name, age and may be slogan.  

If the birthday boy or girl wants to present his age to the guest crowd, there are several opportunities.  It can be a sculpture of the number (like number forty below).  Usually letters and digits like that are 10' tall and the main consideration here is the height of the ceiling.  If the ceiling is very high, it might be beneficial to place it on some kind of a base (or, if possible, suspend from ceiling or from some kind of a frame) to raze above the floor and make it visible to everyone in the room.   Light, as always, is excellent addition to any party decoration, so I will discuss a few ideas about the lighting at the end.

Second thing would be the so called megaloons, 40" balloons in the shape of digits and letters, available in silver and gold.  The age can be spelled out with this balloons, air filled or helium filled.

The second big thing is the name.  Some people are under impression that all the guests can guess the name of the birthday boy or girl and do not need to be reminded.  Others want to see the name.  Same thing as above and more: it can be spelled out with 10' balloon sculpture letters, it can be spelled out with the help of the megaloons (mylar shape balloons)  or we also suggest a balloon wall.  This is a balloon structure, sometimes free standing (i e helium filled) sometimes suspended from the ceiling or from some kind of a frame.  It is flat, and it really is a wall.  On the wall we can spell the name in any language (r even draw a simple picture).  It can be done with letters made out of long balloons or with the help of the megaloons mentioned above.

Continued in part two.

  • Floor Balloon Piece
  • Top of Column Decor
  • Fish Balloon Centerpiece
  • Candy Machine Balloon Centerpiece
  • Flower Balloon Arch
  • Five Decreasing Arches - Side
  • Five Decreasing Arches - Front
  • Spaiderman And Balloon Spider
  • Jungle Party Decoration
  • Number 1 And Welcome Arch
  • Three Color Balloon Arch
  • Underwater Arch with Seahorses
  •  "40' with Balloon Arch
  • Balloon Arch Over Dirvay

Floor Balloon Piece