Your centerpiece must not obstruct the view

The space from 14” above the tabletop to 24” inches must be clear. Then people will be able to talk over the table. Usually people know about it, but just in case...

Space on the table is limited.

In some cultures they like to serve a lot of food, so if you take a lot of it with you centerpiece – caterer might get upset. Not a problem if you plan ahead: choose a peace with a small foot or a balloon centerpiece with a small, minimally decorated weight.

Buy the same token: if you plan to have a lot of colorful dishes at the same time on the table – do not order small low centerpieces – they will be lost between the plates! Or make it of a contrasting color (one more color to keep in mind!) or add blinking lights!  Another option is minimalism.  Take a  cognac snifter glass, filled with water, color it with food coloring and float a head of a flower, spider mum or a floating candle  for example.  Here is the decoration in the center of the table, takes almost no budget (very often you can get the glass from your caterer or hotel for free) and takes very little time to produce.  Following the same logic, you can use a tiny vase with one rose in it, there are infinite variation.