Centerpieces: Flower, balloon or themed – made out of anything that fits the theme.

General recommendations and tips.

What to keep in mind when you pick them, when you plan your party.

  1. Colors of the room.

The colors of the centerpiece work with the colors of the room. What are the colors?

The colors in question are: Color of ceiling, walls, carpet on the floor, chair or chair covers, table cloth, overly and napkins.

What it means? The color of your centerpiece should not clash with the color of the background nor it should not melt into that color and disappear in it. For example, if you sit at a table with balloon centerpiece or a tall topiary (floral or any other type) you see the centerpiece against the ceiling. Typical mistake: bright white tent and white balloon bouquet – white balloons are almost indistinguishable against the ceiling.

If you have so called “long-and-low” flower centerpiece – the background is the tablecloth or the overlay. Nearby you have napkins. Take a look at this two or three colors together and see if you like it. If you manage to get a color of the chandelier into the centerpiece – so much better, color coordination always “works”. Example: in the room with brass chandeliers balloon centerpiece with mylar golden star in it.

Sounds trivial, but violated much too often: it is too late when you put the centerpiece on the table. So the tip really is this: plan all of it in consideration as early as possible, preferably before you rent the space for the party, or immediately after. Obviously the same goes for anything else: wedding dress for example. The worst case scenario I have see: everything is white: tent, bridal gown and bridal party dresses, table cloths and chair covers, napkins, balloon arch at the entrance and balloon centerpieces on the tables. Questions: how do you find the bride? What do you need balloons for? Nobody will distinguish them from the ceiling! And so on.

  • Latex And Mylar  Centerpiece
  • Balloon Centerpiece For Martian Party
  • "Dried" Balloon Centerpiece

Latex And Mylar Centerpiece