Are you going to have a bright light party, low light or mostly dark with just lighting from the DJ or a band? 

     No sense spending money on what nobody will see! Also, what looks great at full light (at the time when you choose the design), might look horrible in half dark room when most of the details will disappear and vice verse.

Examples: a tall vase with a real tree branch. Small silk flowers on the branch, bright and beautiful! Looks like spring! In half dark though what you see is the back nude branch, just like it looks in the middle of the winter. On the other hand, a blinking lights inside balloons in a balloon centerpiece looks amazing in the dark!   But in a fully lit room you will be the only person who knows about it.

A little tip: if you are thinking about using lights within your centerpiece, you might want to use a little mirror tile as a base.  Reflected light will "double" the effect.

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