Corporate clientele has a very distinctive feature: they do not have time.  May be they know what they want, may be they need an advice on what will "work" in this space, but it has to be discussed quickly and to the point.  When you deliver what customer wants, you keep the customer.  We do.

Corporate world has a lot of different reasons for events, so each one has to be dressed up differently.  Employee appreciation party is just fun, customer appreciation day is probably more on a formal side and balloon sculpture of logo is needed.  On the company's birthday it could be the number of years they are in business or their product - every year we do huge glasses in front of the optics store.  One architect company ordered a Black House for some reason.  Very unusual, crazy order, came to the right place.  We love them!

Probably the most exiting project on the corporate arena was the explosive wall.  A GM of a new in Boston hotel wanted to deliver a speech to his new employees just before the grand opening.  For that he gathered them for early breakfast, but he wanted to make sure they are not sleepy and pay attention to every word he says (GM are always like that!).  So we have been invited to build the explosive wall, 20' wide 10' tall.  At the moment when the GM is ready to deliver the speech, I pushed the button and the wall popped, all 3' balloons at once.  Yes, that got him all the attention he could possibly ask for, so our part of the deal was done well.   The hotel is in good health, so it looks like GM did his part too...  

But, event such spec effects as explosive walls and explosive balloons (popping balloons) are not as widespread as balloon bouquets, this job was still within the main stream.  Is this all that event decorator sees on his way?

I am sure that corporate world will find a way to surprise us again and again.  Once a construction company was trying to figure out the height of the water tower.  It had to be high enough so they could put a billboard on it and sell advertising.  How do you figure out something like that?  Yes, very easy: you call WOW! Balloons!   That is what those boys did.  We come with a helium tank to the place where the tower would be built, took a very long ribbon and a big cluster of balloons and let it go up.  Then we add a few red balloons every 50' and the people from the company were driving back and forth on the highway, waiting to see the balloons...

Dear corporate world!  We are at your service!

  • Christmas Decor, The Greatest, Boston
  • Gigantic Mask Balloon Sculpture
  • Black House
  • Big Balloon Arch Health Club
  • Red and Blue Balloon Centerpieces
  • Balloon Sculpture of Logo
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  • Shooting Star Entrance to Stadium
  • Shooting Stars of David

Christmas Decor, The Greatest, Boston