We have our own reasons to celebrate something (Nobel Prize, Golden Medal on Olimpick Games, or just a vin of $1000000 in lotery ) and we have calendar holidays.  There is no rules how to dress personal holidays, everyone decides for himself (or asks designer, like us...).

The calendar holidays do not have RULES eather, but something like that.  Let us take a quick look.

Christmas balloon decorations:

For some reason, that is the only holiday that we, balloon decorators dress up more than any other.  Here is what our customers usually ask for:

Balloon sculpture of Santa Clause.  They are usually pretty much the same, as well as the live ones in order to be recognizable.  So there is a variation of different beard, moustache, and eyes.   Usually this is the center of the decoration, on the stage or in the middle of the room.  Often enough the balloon sculpture is placed next to the balloon Christmas Tree.

Snowman and Snowman family is also became almost "a must" part of the decoration for Christmas.  This sculpture is easely recognizable so we have great freedom: big and small,  Snowman made out of 2 big balloons or out of two clusters, with different types of hands in different positions.  From here on (nose, eyes, heat, scarf and gloves, as well as say ski next to the balloon sculpture) - there is no rules and a huge space for creativity.

Candy Canes - usually create an arch like entrance, but onece in a while are used anywhere

Balloon Christmas Wreath is great above the entrance or above the stage.  Great sculpture, in our opinion not used enough.  It can be done very large and still be very light so one can suspend it from regular ceiling, it can be decorated with real ornaments and Christmas Tree Lights. 

Balloon Snowflakes, white or baby blue or mix usually go on the ceiling, each on individual fishing line.  As everything that reflects light and moves, it bring a lot of energy in the room.

And of cause everything that the owner of the party likes, finished with red and green ribbons, Christmas tree toys and so on.  It could be balloon arches, balloon columns and almost anything you see on this site.  

Easter:  balloon sculpture of Easter Bunny, next to the Easter basket, or inside.  With eggs of different sizes and colors. Ester flowers would be just fine for the holiday, but it takes two to tango.  Waiting for someone to ask for it...

Valentine: Red harts, in all forms, shapes and sizes.  On top of the columns and floor to the ceiling, small and big mylar balloons or latex balloons.  

Halloween balloon decorations:  this is easy: spiders and webs!  Zombies and other scary creatures.  Since there is no rules here, the only requirements to the sculpture is to be recognizable.  So there is a great variety of the spiders: small ones, made out of one balloon or huge, helium filled with long legs.  And everywhere in between.  Spiders are usually black, but the web can be anything!  One of the most successful ones we have made was orange.

Actually, just like any party can be dressed with a lot of taste and sharm, any holiday party just as well can be decorated.  Come one, come all!  We will happy to do it for you!

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