"How to" party decorations.

This is NOT what I should write about. I should write about the excellence of our service and how you absolutely cannot do it without WOW! Balloons, Inc. And this is true! most of the time... However, there are some exceptions. You may not have a budget for an outside vendor. Or you do, but it is a very small party in your apartment and you need very few balloons or other decorations. Or you may want to do everything yourself. There may be millions of reasons. Then you can get by without us. But you do not do decorations every day and you do not know all these little tricks of the trade. I do. And on every other decoration job I see how much these tricks can help. Finally, here is the place to share. Call it "show-off", call it anything, but use it! If something is not clear, call us - consultations are free!

There is no theory. As always, it is a lot of little things and tricks we have tried and perfected. And just common knowledge that is not so common outside the balloon and decorations industry. So, here it is!

Be very careful with all kinds of "do-it-yourself" kits. Yes, the advertising pictures are great, they do have very good photographers. But test them long before the party so that you have time to plan something else if they do not work. If you do not have the time (the party is in three days and you ordered something and spent a fortune on next day delivery), do not use it unless you are 100% sure or have a back-up plan that you are ready to use. I guess this is true about most of what we order over the Internet, but special event business is different: you cannot fail and then redo the event properly. You cannot have a wedding or a convention or even a small birthday party again. There is no "another chance".