This is probably the most creative part of the work our company has.  Pleasing kids with balloon decorations.  

It looks like a very easy task, helium balloon on the string - and kid is happy.  Yes..., and no.  One thing to let him play with another toy, and create something so interesting and nice, something  that would deeply touch the kid - the other.  One can get just dozen of balloons from the party store and make room colorful.  Or sit down with the kid, show him or her a lot of pictures, and see what he likes, really likes.   Then the result will be different.  That is exactly what we do.

For some reason, most corporations have larger budgets then most parents.  So our best work goest to adults.  It is not that we want to take balloons from adults, it is a myth that adults do not like them, they do!  But kids deserve it at least as much!  

So we have become world best experts of how do something very nice and unusual, something that not just parents, but the kid loves and make this miracle withing the parents means.  It was a very harsh root, but we did not regret.  Number of smiles and thanks from the little customers makes it worth the effort.   We decorated kids parties in neighborhoods where houses cost well over million dollars and in the projects, and everywhere inbetween.  So far - so good, with some exceptions we managed to find a very nice solutions.  Exceptions were when parents insist on 3 balloons on the table (which is not very creative if you ask me), but the customer's wish is our law, so we do 3 balloons on every table.

However, the way we like it is when a kid tells us his favorite cartoon movie and asks for this particular monster or character.  Then I have to see it (I admit, I did not see them all) and figure out how to make them.  It is one thing to make Minnie Mouse, it is totally different story to make a 10' Elmo or a Green Monster I had never seen before.  That is where it get real fun!  I am sorry to admit it, but creating these guys is more fan than having them for the party!

Another thing - kids like to play.  But decorations are not to be played with, they have to be there and make the room look good, we have payed a lot of money for it!!!   

But kids want to play with it anyway!  So we have created a whole new thing in our art: toys.  These are balloon creations, designed so that a kid can kick it, sit on it and even jump.  Eventually the toy will pop..., but kids have to work very hard to pop it.  The toys are designed to survive!  Usually they are balloon figures about 4' high, free standing (and flying) and you not just allowed, you suppose to play with it!  Usually we use the smiley faces, but once we did a martian party - so me make martian faces.  Looks close to the real thing?

So, if you have a reason to celebrate whatsoever with your child, come to us, we are waiting for you! 

  •  Jungle Balloon Arch
  • Balloon Man
  • Minnie Mouse Balloon Sculptures
  • Minnie Mouse  Centerpiece
  • Giraffe Balloon Sculpture
  • Fish Centerpiece - Angel Fish
  • Blue FIsh with Red Tail Centerpiece
  • Blue and Silver Balloon Fountain
  • Vertical Balloon Centerpiece
  • Flower Wall
  • Dr Seuss Balloon Trees
  • Balloon Sculpture Of Big Elmo
  • Balloon Sculpture of Tiger
  • Balloon Toys for Martian Party
  •  Hot Pink Balloon Flower
  • Big Jungle Party

Jungle Balloon Arch