One of the most popular themes is Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse.  To say this type of party decoration is popular is to say nothing.  It is the most popular.  This party decorations theme can be used throughout the whole place of the party:  balloon arch or two balloon sculptures of Minnie and Mickey to great the guests, balloon arch over the cake table or behind the cake table, centerpieces for the tables, dance floor decorations and back drops to have the name written on it.  

And, of cause, a big sculpture of one or both characters somewhere in the middle of the room.  All of that is very generic and in some form or shape will work in any party room.  However, each hall has its own individual features that can be use to enhance the theme. 

A few notes about the decorations mentioned above.

Entrance decorations.  All your guests spend one second to go through the door and the rest of the time - inside the room, so the decorations outside (balloon decorations or anything else) does not do much for the party once it is started.  So it is a good idea to plan the entrance decorations in such a way that you can bring them in when all of your guests have arrived.

Cake balloon arch is very popular and a lot of our customers are calling to ask about that specifically.  Here is one question though: how high is the ceiling in the room?  If the ceiling is low (say, 8') this is not a very good choice.  You will not be able to stand strait under it and will be quite uncomfortable.  In the case like that I would recommend to move the arch backwards so that it becomes a backdrop.  Or use some other type of  a backdrop (one example of it would be a balloon wall).

Centerpieces.  A lot of people understand centerpieces as a balloon bouquet and it is the most popular form of it.  But not the only one and not the best.  If the ceiling height is right, there are a lot of choices, from just adding a Mickey Mouse head balloon to bouquet to customize it a little - to small balloon sculpture.  

In general, the main idea, is to plan the party decorations keeping the particular room in mind.   Size, color of the walls and ceiling and of case height of the ceiling.

  • Minney Mouse Sculpture Centerpiece
  • Big Minnie Mouse
  • Minney Mouse Centerpiece
  •  Minnie Mouse Arch
  • Mickey Mouse &  The Pooh

Minney Mouse Sculpture Centerpiece