School proms: what not to do!

Yesterday we designed a few decorations for a school prom. Our part was very small, there were a lot of decorations, created by kids and parents. Which was excellent. One thing: in order to save some money, they decided to make some balloon decorations themselves. The problem is - balloon decorating seems like a very easy thing to do and a lot of times it is. It does not matter how much experience you have - 10 years or none at all - if all you have to do is to inflate a balloon with helium, tie a ribbon and attach it to a chair. But general planning, what balloons can do and what they cannot, what is easy to do and anybody can do and what is not - one needs a professional. At least to consult.

Unfortunately, party industry provide a lot of "help". Let me give you one example: in order to watch my competition, I have purchase a kit "balloon heart". The label claimed that anyone can create a balloon arch shaped as heart using the kit. I am much smarter than your average bear. I make my living by designing decorations out of balloons. I failed! Or, to be more specific, it is my expert opinion - it was impossible to do what the label claimed.

So the market is full of different things that claim to "help" you. Parents for the prom in question decided to save on balloon arch, so they bought a "balloon arch strip" (that could be replaced by regular ribbon!) and balloons. And ordered "just inflation" - can you inflate 160 balloons with air for us? - Sure... So they gave as the balloons and the person that never did that before start adding them to the stip. Only then they have heard my question: why this arch is going to stand? Air balloons do not fly! Ok, we will attach it to the ceiling. But the next move was the killer: "tomorrow we will unite some balloons and put glow sticks in them and inflate them again and put them back into the arch"!

Would they talk to me before, I would save them the agony of fighting with the arch strip, pure quality balloons, undoable projects and at least tell them what they should do themselves and what should be left to someone with experience.

This particular story had a happy end: we took over. I will be the first one to admit that it was not the most traditional arch, but it looked good and the parent released from the duty was very happy. There is no need to put glow stick inside a balloon, if the arch is done properly, it can be placed between balloon - no re-inflation necessary. But, during the decoration process, quite a few thing came up that could be done for the room, ether within the same budget or with a little increase. Most probably - even cheaper, because the amount of unnecessary supply they got.

The conclusion is clear: our free consultation is a very voluble thing. In order to get it you do not need to order anything. But the 15 minute conversation can save you some money and hours of labor.