Yes, Trade Shows can benefit from balloon decorations, perhaps even more than other event.  One can decorate his company booth or isle,  that will create one more reason to be noticed and approached - which is exactly what we need when we spend god knows how much money for the space.   We have done it for our company on all kind of Wedding Trade shows and Bar Mitzvah Trade Show.  We have done it for numerous clients.

The most successful case took place on Travel industry trade show.  The company Sandals rented not just one big booth, they got one of the alley with all booths on both sides.  And we have dressed the whole space to let people know from afar that vacation is HERE!!!  We have created a huge palm tree in the middle of the space and several small ones, brought a few props like windsurfers, mylar balloons of birds, created balloon flowers.   And then we have arranged it all in such a way that when people entered the alley they might not fill you are in paradise, but definitely on vacation on an island somewhere.  And, when visitors were living, they were loosing it, so they stayed a little longer...  So we had a crowd in the alley.   That was noticed by the comity and Sandals have received the first prize of the Trade Show.

This example clearly shows that balloon decorations - is the way to dress the whole trade show, not just one booth or one company.  It is nice to know that I am not the only one who thinks so.  Many years ago we have dressed up trade show that was organized by Sysco Foods, all the way in Virginia Beach.  We have decorated the whole convention center and several booths that belonged to the company itself.  The client was pleased with the results so we have done every year.

So, if heaving a nice atmosphere is a priority for the organizers, or if the exhibitor needs one more strong way to attract attention to his booth, balloon decorations is the best and the least expensive way to go!

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