If any event can be decorated with balloon creations that are customized to the theme, to the venue and to the occasion, wedding would definitely be the first one.

All brides know about the wedding balloon arches and bouquets, but that is about the limit the general public knows about wedding balloon decorations.  Arch is not the only structure, balloon bunch is not the only centerpiece.

First of all - colors.  Balloon designs can match wedding color scheme exactly, bringing the color coordination of the decorations to a new level: the surface area of a single latex balloon is half a square foot.  So balloon decorations (that usually consists of several hundred or even thousand balloons) increase the surface of the room several times in the color combination of the wedding.  It is also worth mentioning that it is a reflective surface which makes the room more festive!  All five star hotels, casinos and other places of the same nature are covered with mirrors and shiny surfaces, for that very reason!  And we bring it to your wedding!

The next thing - is type of decorations.  It can be playful and funny - like bride and groom sculptures at the door to great guests, or formal and dramatic on the other side of the scale: back drops for the bridal table to bring up the color of the bride`s wedding gown or a ceiling decoration above the new husband and wife.  

It is for the reason that everybody sees the little kids with balloons there is an idea that balloons are childish.  Not only.  In the 20+ years we are in business, we have dresses very formal places that would not even thing about letting balloon decorators in!  But, by the end of the day, they were glad they did!

And, of cause, special effects!  Balloon drops, regular and with explosive balloon, moving columns and all kind of variations.  Not every venue has the ceiling high enough to have a balloon drop.  It works well in the spaces where ceiling is so high that balloons have enough time to fly in all possible directions while falling.  If the ceiling is low, balloons will be on the floor exactly under the release net and so quickly, that some guest will not even noticed.  

But, with the correct use of explosive balloons, even a relatively low ceiling (say 10') will create the effect.  For explosive balloons we usually use big 3' balloons, we staff them with 110 - 120 small balloons, and put them on the ceiling in the strategic points.  It can be one balloon above the entrance to the room to be popped when the new couple comes in, or it can be above the dance floor for the first dance, or it can be several balloons to cover the whole room.  When the time comes, our operator pushes the button, big balloon explodes and small one showers down!  

Can it be more elaborated?  Of cause!  If the venue is ok with confetti, we add confetti inside.  If the bride wants rose petals or small candies - we do it!  There is no end...

And to close the subject, once we did a project that was unusual even for us.  We inflated an 8' white balloon and used it as a screen to show the video.  If we ever been thanked enough for the decorations - that was the day!

  • Wedding Dance Floor
  • Big Wedding Balloon Arch
  • Balloon Sculpture of Cinderella Cariage
  • Wedding Balloon Columns
  • Red and White Ceiling Decorations
  • Ceiling Decoration Coral
  • Red White and Black Wedding Arch
  • Ceiling Decorations for Low Ceiling
  • Wedding explosive balloon pict 1
  • White Balloons on White Wall
  • Hanging Arch and Flower Wall
  • Red and White Dance Floor Decor
  • Double White and Gold Balloon Arch
  • Wedding Dome Balloon Sculpture
  • Bride and Groom Balloon Sculptures
  • Wedding explosive balloon pict 2

Wedding Dance Floor


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