Corporate event balloon decorations

Let WoW! Event Decorations, Inc. share your burden of organizing a corporate event. After all, you have enough on your plate as it is and as our impeccable track record proves beyond any reasonable doubt, we’re more than capable of handling everything awlessly, from A to Z. We will provide you with all the corporate supplies you could possibly need, no matter what your special event: the annual gala, a crucial tradeshow or, of course, the infamous oce parties, that are capable of making the once talk for weeks and weeks after the event. Don’t let your event be a op and call the true experts.

Attending tradeshows is always a great weight and responsibility on your shoulders: if you don’t stand out from the crowd of your competitors, what was the point of coming? Our services will guarantee that, no matter what, your stand will be anything but unremarkable. From table coverings to balloons sculptures, we’ll get exactly what you need. In fact, we are so incredibly committed to the greatest achievable customer service and high-quality decorations that if, by a miracle of chance, we do not have what you want in-house, we will procure it for you anyway, and be sure to get you just the eect you envisioned. Be sure to make your next trade show an absolute success that will blow your competition out of the water.

Holding a corporate event is an excellent method of promotion — if it’s good enough. Gathering everyone together and making suspense to show o. . . something mediocre? Not a winning plan. What you want to do here is leave a long-lasting impression by calling in the experts. We have years upon years of experience at pulling o the most spectacular corporate events, with splendid décor to match. Take action, and let us make your event’s success something to bet on.

So, why not mix business with pleasure, contact us today and allow us to help you out with those galas, oce parties, corporate parties, trade shows, or whatever other corporate special event you may have? We look forward to making your event the latest news-breaking success!

Here’s what we need to make your event special

  • What you'll get
    • First of all, we will make sure that we have a team available on the day. Then, all this information is needed to for our designer to get clear on what decorations will look good in the room and what will look out of place.
    • If you know exactly what you want (say, a sculpture of a Star of David or a football post for a sport theme), then, using the information, we will tell you if it is possible to install it or if it will look good.
    • For example, an arch in a room with low ceiling will make it look even lower. Knowing all of the above, we can come up with 2 or 3 different ways to dress up the space and you choose one of them or some kind of a mix of all.
    • That way you get what you like and what will look good in this particular venue.
  • Your taste
    • Next, we will learn your taste and your priorities. We will show you our portfolio with many pictures to see what you like and what you hate.
  • Details
    • Date, time and town of your event
    • Size of the room – how many people it can hose for a party.
    • 3. How many people you are going to invite
    • 4. How high the ceiling is and what kind of a ceiling (drop down or painted) If you have a floor plan or the picture of the room is available on line (or you have a picture and can e-mail it) – even better.

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