Kids party balloon decorations

What child doesn't like balloons? Treat your child and your guests to an extraordinary and special balloon decoration for your next celebration.

At Wow Balloons, our goal is to delight our customers with customized balloon decorations for any event. From weddings to birthday parties, from graduations to family gatherings, we take pleasure in crafting our balloon decorations. Whenever we get the chance to delight children with our kids party decorations, we leap at the opportunity.

When designing kids party decorations, our owner Mikhail Liberman takes time to craft fun balloon decorations that bring smiles to children's faces. Continued from the top

We incorporate favorite characters, animals, sports, nature, princesses, or countless other themes. Just let us know what the theme of your child's birthday party is, and we will create a matching balloon decoration. Let our kids party decorations help make your event extra-special!

We at Wow Balloons have been designing, arranging, and setting up balloon decorations for parties and other events since 1990. Our experience doing hundreds of parties and events gives us the perspective and wisdom to understand how to work within constraints to deliver the best kids decorations possible. Time after time, our customers say, "Wow!" at our decorations, as we consistently exceed their expectations.

Balloon decorations we provide include balloon centerpieces, balloon sculptures, balloon arches, and other custom designs. Take a look at our portfolio for examples of decorations we’ve provided for our clients. Big or small, elegant or ornate, we will provide a kids party decoration that matches the tone and style you are attempting to convey for your celebration. Past clients often compliment us on our flexibility and ability to work with them on their parties. We work with our clients to provide just the right kids party decorations for their celebrations.

Contact us today for more information about how Wow Balloons can provide kids decorations for your next children's party. We offer many different plans for different types of parties, as we understand that every party is unique. We will work with you to develop the perfect balloon decorations for your party. With Wow Balloons' balloon decorations, you can ensure that your child's birthday party, bar or bat mitzvah, or other celebration is an unforgettable experience down to the last detail.

We look forward to delighting you with our kids party decorations!

Here’s what we need to make your event special

  • What you'll get
    • First of all, we will make sure that we have a team available on the day. Then, all this information is needed to for our designer to get clear on what decorations will look good in the room and what will look out of place.
    • If you know exactly what you want (say, a sculpture of a Star of David or a football post for a sport theme), then, using the information, we will tell you if it is possible to install it or if it will look good.
    • For example, an arch in a room with low ceiling will make it look even lower. Knowing all of the above, we can come up with 2 or 3 different ways to dress up the space and you choose one of them or some kind of a mix of all.
    • That way you get what you like and what will look good in this particular venue.
  • Your taste
    • Next, we will learn your taste and your priorities. We will show you our portfolio with many pictures to see what you like and what you hate.
  • Details
    • Date, time and town of your event
    • Size of the room – how many people it can hose for a party.
    • 3. How many people you are going to invite
    • 4. How high the ceiling is and what kind of a ceiling (drop down or painted) If you have a floor plan or the picture of the room is available on line (or you have a picture and can e-mail it) – even better.

Would you like free consultation regarding your event?

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