What is your service area?
The whole world! However, the setup and delivery fee depends on the distance. If you have a relatively small party, it makes sense for you to use our services if you are within 300 miles of one of our offices. On the other hand, if you have a large event, call us and we will assess whether or not it makes financial sense for you or not.
Can you make _____ out of balloons?
Since 1990 the answer is “yes”! It is much faster to say what we don’t do: we do not twist animals. Everything else is possible, from the mundane to the extraordinary.
How much is it to decorate a wedding (birthday, anniversary, etc.)?
There is no universal answer. For the same type of occasion some people order elaborate sculptures and lighting, while some just want an arch at the door. Once we learn some details about your party, and, most importantly, your taste, we can discuss the decorations and the price.
How long do helium balloons fly?
Normally, balloons fly for 12 – 15 hours. Usually if there is a need for balloons to be in good shape longer than a day, there is always a way to create something similar, but using air-filled balloons. Air-inflated balloons easily last several days, possibly even a week. This comes very handy in situations like a 3-day-long trade show and the like.
When should the order be placed?
The turnaround time in our company is relatively small and depends on what you need. Usually, most orders can be accommodated within a week. However, you should place the order as soon as you can for a very simple reason: as soon as somebody else places an order for that date – the date is closed and gone! All you need to do is to put down a deposit (call us about it) and the day is guaranteed to be yours.
What materials do you use for decoration?
In order to decorate the event we use very nearly anything and plan the design based on the theme. Light and fabrics, balloon sculptures and flowers, all kinds of props and ready-made decorations, we use it all. We’ve done everything, from a small fountain in the middle of the room to a 30-foot dragon on top of a bookshelf case. These are specific jobs that we’ve done. The possibilities are endless. If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to call. Please let us know how we can help make your event a unique and unforgettable experience!