• Big Clown for Baby Sower
  • Octopus Balloon Sculpture
  • Three-story-high Balloon Sculpture of DNA molecule
  • 10' Stork Balloon Sculpture
  • Blue Caterpillar Balloon Sculpture
  • Balloon Sculpture Of Big Elmo
  • Abstract Balloon Sculpture
  • Balloon Display For Parade Float
  • Balloons sculpture of a hot air balloon
  • Silver Star Balls
  •  "Snow Queen" Play Decor
  • Sysco Foods Logo Balloon Sculpture
  • Black House
  • bicycle

This is the most unusual project.  An architect company had a party in the new office building.  They wanted a black house, no doors, no windows, not even an accidental see-through opening of any sort.  So this is exactly what we have designed - black house.  Address all "why?"  and "what for?" questions  - to the company, not to us!  We do not know!

Montreal QC      Corporate events

Black House