• Balloon Display For Parade Float
  • Balloon Sculpture of Logo
  • Christmas Decor, The Greatest, Boston
  • Big Balloon Arch Health Club
  • Top of the ceiling arch
  • Black and White arch
  • Big Glasses Sculpture
  • Double Tree Hotel Logo
  • American Flag Balloon Wall
  • Balloon Wall - Welcome
  • Three-story-high Balloon Sculpture of DNA molecule
  • Balloon Wall - Logo
  • Column entrance
  • regular and reversed columns
  • American Flag for the 4th of July 2016

А float to be carried on a truck for for parade.  The challenge was to come up with idea for something large and colorful on one hand and stable and wind resistant on the other.  In order to use the wind to our advantage, we added the mylar ribbons to move around the balloon display.

Boston MA    Parade float.

Balloon Display For Parade Float