• Fountain with Lighting Column
  • Balloon Display For Parade Float
  • 20' by 20' Balloon  Heart
  • Balloon Ceiling Decoration
  •  "10" and Balloon Wall
  • Top of the ceiling arch
  • Gold and Black Arch and Columns
  • Balloon Arch with Dolphins
  • Black House
  • Manhattan law firm logo on balloon wall
  • Double Tree Hotel Logo
  • American Flag Balloon Wall
  • Balloon Wall - Welcome
  • Three-story-high Balloon Sculpture of DNA molecule
  • Balloon Wall - Logo
  • regular and reversed columns

Balloon fountain with lighting column in the middle and triple arches.  The challenge of this work was relatively low ceiling and the fact that the room is a very stretched rectangular.  With a strong source of light in the middle and direction and shape of arches, we managed to make the room very comfortable.  This is the first goal of any party decoration!

New York, NY    Corporate events

Fountain with Lighting Column