• Blue Caterpillar Balloon Sculpture
  • Balloon Sculpture Of Big Elmo
  • Giraffe Balloon Sculpture
  • Balloon Sculpture of Tiger
  • Minnie Mouse Balloon Sculptures
  • Balloon Man
  •  Jungle Balloon Arch
  • Big Jungle Party
  • Blue FIsh with Red Tail Centerpiece
  • Fish Centerpiece - Angel Fish
  • Minnie Mouse  Centerpiece
  •  Hot Pink Balloon Flower
  • Balloon Toys for Martian Party
  • Dr Seuss Balloon Trees
  • Flower Wall
  • Vertical Balloon Centerpiece
  • Blue and Silver Balloon Fountain
  • Futuristic column
  • Grape top columns
  • Top of column decoration

It was a martian Bar Mitzvah.  No, the kid was human, the theme was martian.  So everything was  martian, including balloon toys.  One of the things unique to WOW! Balloons, Inc.  This is not just decoration (wich is usually "do not touch, or it will pop" type), you actually can play with it, sit on it, kick it or pat it.   Very hard to pop.  Usually over half of them survive the party.

Albany NY     Bar Bat Mitzvah decorations

Balloon Toys for Martian Party