•  30'  Blue Dragon Saphira
  • ‚Äč20' tall Orange Dinosaurs
  • Balloon Sculpture of Saxaphone
  • Balloon Sculpture of Anchor
  • "JOSH" in 10' Letters
  • 20' Star of David blinking lights
  • JAZZ Bar and Bat Mitzvah
  • Balloon Sculpture   Jack in the Box
  • Balloon Sculpture of  Menorah 20'  tall
  • Tennis Record Balloon Sculpture
  • Big Glasses Sculpture
  • Balloon Sculpture of Logo
  • Trade show balloon wall with logo
  • Shooting Star Entrance to Stadium
  • American Flag for the 4th of July 2016

Bat Mitzvah party in a big room with a very high ceiling.    So we did a huge (almost 20' high!) Star of David to bring the theme out.  To push it even further, we almost cover the front surface of the balloon sculpture with blinking lights.  You can see the video (the link will come soon) where every balloon on the sculpture is blinking on its own.  I have to admit (even I do not want to!) that balloons with light is a lot more than balloons!

Boston MA     Bar Mitzvah

20' Star of David blinking lights