•  30'  Blue Dragon Saphira
  • ​20' tall Orange Dinosaurs
  • Balloon Sculpture of Saxaphone
  • Balloon Sculpture of Anchor
  • "JOSH" in 10' Letters
  • 20' Star of David blinking lights
  • JAZZ Bar and Bat Mitzvah
  • Balloon Sculpture   Jack in the Box
  • Balloon Sculpture of  Menorah 20'  tall
  • Tennis Record Balloon Sculpture
  • Big Glasses Sculpture
  • Balloon Sculpture of Logo
  • Trade show balloon wall with logo
  • Shooting Star Entrance to Stadium
  • American Flag for the 4th of July 2016

One of the best balloon sculptures ever made by WOW! Balloons, Inc.  The biggest mistake we have made that day - we did not call TV!  Read the whole story!

New York, NY

​20' tall Orange Dinosaurs