•  30'  Blue Dragon Saphira
  • 8' Hot Air Balloon
  • Rainbow Balloon Arch for Church
  • Rainbow Garland Balloon Arch
  • Easter Bunny at Vandart
  • Easter Bunny
  • Dome Balloon Structure
  • Silver Star Balls
  • 10`Glasses, Party at Mac Gill
  • Helium Balloon Wall
  •  "Snow Queen" Play Decor
  • Balloon Sculpture of Pyramid
  • Fundraiser Sun Ceiling Decoration
  • Balloon Column Alley
  • wiggly columns
  • Candle column
  • Backdrop Clusters
  • Twisting column
  • Low ceiling decoration
  • Alley of party columns
  • Top of column decoration

Rainbow balloon arch on Charles River for Hill House organization.  Yearly event that WOW! Balloons, Inc.  decorates for the last 10 years of so.  Interesting thing is that now everyone is asking for a swirl balloon arch and this one is not.  Every color is represented by several clusters placed together.  One of the very effective way to use this type of coloration is alternate colors, say black and white.

Boston MA

Rainbow Garland Balloon Arch