Bar and Bat mitzvah balloon decorations

You dream of a perfect Bar/Bat Mitzvah, the best thing around: fantastic, spectacular, and jaw-dropping. We’ll make your dreams a vivid reality.

Decorating Bar/Bat Mitzvah parties is one of our major areas of expertise and knowledge. We love the spirit of the celebration, we love the cause, we love the event.

Balloon_Sculptures_20_bigWe will come upwith a plan that will take care of the room’s decorations as a whole usingyour theme, and then decorate each area. Need help planning? We’re here tohelp. Here are some examples:

However, these are just guidelines, the typical decoration elements in their typical places. Does that mean your Bar or Bat Mitzvah balloon decorations have to be typical? Absolutely not. Each and every venue has its own opportunities that we utilize to their fullest each time we decorate.

A surefire way to make YOUR event stand out from the crowd is to use some of our completely unique signature decorations, such as a huge themed sculpture or a balloon wall. Our balloon sculpture will bring out the theme of a Bar/Bat Mitzvah like nothing else, take it from us A balloon wall with “Mazel Tov”, a name, or anything else written on it will draw attention and make a unforgettable statement

We’ve also recently become a complete event planning company. We have added various other event services brought to you from the best event professionals around. We can offer you some of the most attractive discounts on in-house services (such as 50% off for Bar/Bat Mitzvah photography if you order decorations), or hire tried and trusted industry professionals for whatever other service you might need.

It might be worth mentioning that at WoW! Balloons, Inc. we’re of the opinion that politeness is a virtue, that our client’s nerves should be taken care of, and that all panic should be avoided. Our lightning-fast responses and support will take care of any fears and doubts.

Here’s what we need to make your event special

  • What you'll get
    • First of all, we will make sure that we have a team available on the day. Then, all this information is needed to for our designer to get clear on what decorations will look good in the room and what will look out of place.
    • If you know exactly what you want (say, a sculpture of a Star of David or a football post for a sport theme), then, using the information, we will tell you if it is possible to install it or if it will look good.
    • For example, an arch in a room with low ceiling will make it look even lower. Knowing all of the above, we can come up with 2 or 3 different ways to dress up the space and you choose one of them or some kind of a mix of all.
    • That way you get what you like and what will look good in this particular venue.
  • Your taste
    • Next, we will learn your taste and your priorities. We will show you our portfolio with many pictures to see what you like and what you hate.
  • Details
    • Date, time and town of your event
    • Size of the room – how many people it can hose for a party.
    • 3. How many people you are going to invite
    • 4. How high the ceiling is and what kind of a ceiling (drop down or painted) If you have a floor plan or the picture of the room is available on line (or you have a picture and can e-mail it) – even better.

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